• Limited Enrollment and Specialty Programs

    Admission to CCAC does not constitute admission to a limited enrollment or specialty program. Students interested in pursuing one of these programs should discuss the admission requirements with an academic advisor and the program coordinator.

    For current course and program details see the CCAC Online Catalog.

    Health Programs 1
    Central Service Technician
    Computed Assisted Tomography (CAT Scanning)
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    Dietary Manager
    Dietetic Technician  
    Health Information Technology  
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scanning)
    Massage Therapy
         Massage Therapy (Certificate)
         Massage Therapist (Certificate)
    Medical Assistant:  
          Degree Certificate 
    Medical Insurance Specialist
    Medical Laboratory Assistant   
    Medical Laboratory Technician
    Nuclear Medicine Technology 
          Degree  Certificate
    Occupational Therapy Assistant
          Degree  Certificate
    Pharmacy Technician
          Degree   Certificate
    Physical Therapist Assistant
    Radiation Therapy Technology 
            Degree  Certificate
    Radiologic Technologist (X-ray)     
    Respiratory Therapy
    Surgical Technologist (degree)
    Surgical Technology (certificate)

    Trades Programs 2
    Building Construction Apprenticeship
    Electrical Construction (JATC/IBEW) Technology Apprenticeship   
    Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers 
    Plumber Apprenticeship
    Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship
    Stationary Operating Engineers 

    Business Programs
    Land Administration 3

    Education, Social & Behavioral and
    Human Services programs (ED/SB/HS)
    American Sign Language English Interpreting 4
    Early Childhood Director Core Certificate 3 or 5
    Labor and Management Studies 6


    1The Health programs at CCAC are limited enrollment programs. This means that you cannot enroll in Health courses without having formally applied and been accepted into a program. This application is separate from your general CCAC application. Each program has unique admission requirements. For more information on applying to an Allied Health Career Program, please email your program of choice and your US Postal Mailing address to Allied Health Career Programs Admission Information. Applications are not available online.

    2The construction trade technology training programs are open to all qualifying students. These programs are offered in conjunction with the Joint Apprenticeship committees of the building trades and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awards certificates of completion to those who complete one of these apprenticeship programs. Admission is by competitive testing and interviews with a joint Apprenticeship Committee.

    3The program requires an associate degree.

    4The program requires students complete the American Sign Language Certificate or American Sign Language (ASL) proficiency exam with a minimum level 2 score or American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) minimum level 2 score. See American Sign Language and Interpreting Programs for details.

    5Requires a baccalaureate degree.

    6Candidates will be selected by their unions or industries.    

    CCAC offers noncredit workforce and professional development courses in many areas. For more information visit CCAC's Center for Professional Development area of the web.