• Budget Department

    The mission of the Budget Department is to facilitate the budgeting process through each responsibility level culminating in a college-wide request balanced to projected revenues and timely submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

    Goals of the Budget Department

    • Facilitate the preparation of the Fiscal Year Current Operating and Plant Funds Budget and Capital Outlay Plan
    • Maintain accurate current salary information of authorized positions
    • Prepare the annual Fringe Benefits Model
    • Prepare and submit the Projected Enrollment and Capital Data for Fiscal Year State Budget submissions
    • Maintain accurate information of Debt Service, Space Leases and Capital Projects
    • Coordinate policy approvals for all Capital Expenditures required by College and State guidelines

    CCAC Policy Relating to Budgets
    Overview of the Operating Budget Process

  • Capital Budget Forms

    Both of these forms are used to request resources to support current programs.  Click on the title to access the form.

    • Special Projects Request Form

    A special project is an initiative over and above normal operations.  Its purpose is to facilitate a specific goal that ties in with the College's master plan.  If your department would like to request budget funds for a special project, fill out this form.  Click on the title to access the form.

    Facility Lease Guidelines

    The purpose of these guidelines is to inform College personnel about leases and the steps involved beginning with the type of leases available, the lease's review and execution, and its final payment as required by College policies. Click on the title to retrieve the guidelines.

  • Budget Contacts

    John ForneyJoe Miller
    Capital BudgetsOperating Budgets
    • Facilitate the Capital Budget Process
    • Facilitate the Plant Fund Leases Budget Process
    • Coordinate Spending for Capital Outlays & Leases
    • Coordinate State Budget Submissions for Capital and Operating
    • Facilitates the Operating Budget Process
    •  Facilitate the Student Life Budget Process