• The CCAC Annual Report

    Annual Report 2018 cover
    The CCAC Annual Report details the activities and accomplishments made by CCAC and its students, faculty, staff and leadership during the year. In addition, college friends, alumni, donors and other stakeholders can learn about the direction the college is taking with  new initiatives, building projects and learning-centered programs that will begin in the years to come.
  • Mid-Year Report: College Update December 2018

    MidYear2018 Image

    Highlights include:

    • Enrollment, Retention & Engagement Initiatives
    • Investing in Educational Excellence: New Faculty Hires, Programs & Partnerships
    • Capital Improvement Projects: Enhancing CCAC Programs, Services & Image
    • Grant Funding Initiatives:Recent Awards
    • CCAC Highlights: Awards & Other Distinctions
    • College Events Mark AnotherMemorable Year
    • CCAC’s Community Outreach Extends Far & Wide
  • Year End Report: College Update August 2019


    Once again, the 2018–2019 academic year proved to be highly successful for CCAC on numerous fronts, including in the expansion of many existing program initiatives, the addition of a number of new ones, and the advancement of the one college concept. With all of the accomplishments achieved
    over the past year, it’s easy to see why one out of every three county residents continues to select CCAC as their college of first choice.

     While many of these achievements are celebrated in the college’s 2018 Annual Report, #SUCCESS, please find showcased in my update below news of other innovative and groundbreaking programs, initiatives and partnerships as well as numerous awards and recognitions achieved by faculty, staff, administrators and our students in the latter half of 2018–19.

    Thank you for helping to make the Community College of Allegheny County the college of choice,

    Dr. Quintin B. Bullock