• 10-12-2010 -- Bedbugs found at CCAC Downtown Center

    Press Release

    PITTSBURGH-At the end of last week, some pests were found at The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) Downtown Center (625 Stanwix Street) that were positively identified as bedbugs. Classes were cancelled in the room where the bedbugs were found, and on Sunday, a trained dog was brought in to identify any other areas of concern. While CCAC was moving forward with plans for treatment, administrators entered discussions with the landlord, who elected to treat six suites in the building including CCAC's center on the 11th floor.

    Several facts are important to remember about bedbugs. Due to increased international travel and other factors, bedbugs have been increasing in numbers across the nation, including in Allegheny County. The cleanliness of a facility does not play a factor in the presence of bedbugs. Also, while they are a nuisance, bedbugs are not known to transmit disease.

    The Downtown Center opened for a few classes this morning, although the rooms that reflected concern were kept closed. A minimal number of classes were scheduled due to the college's fall break. While CCAC does not believe there is a health concern for instructors and students, all classes at the center have been cancelled.

    The building will receive an initial treatment this afternoon. The Downtown Center will remain closed until Monday, October 18, as a precaution, although the exterminator has indicated that the building would be approved for occupation as soon as tomorrow. Depending on the follow-up treatment recommended by the exterminator, CCAC will determine the best course of action for resuming classes.

    The well-being of students and employees remains CCAC's top priority in this situation, and the college will do what is necessary to ensure that the Downtown Center is cleared of the bedbugs and remains that way.


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