• Service Employees International Union

    The Service Employees International Union is working people and retirees united to improve our jobs and our communities. We strive for better wages, health care, and safer and more secure jobs for working families in communities throughout North America.

  • SEIU Stewards

    System Steward   Donna Rene Ferris
    Allegheny Campus   Chief Steward - vacant 
    vacant - Alternate Steward 
    Boyce Campus   Sheri Eisaman, Chief Steward
    vacant, Alternate Steward
    North/WHC   Kim Stubbs, Chief Steward
    vacant – Alternate Steward
    Office of College Services   Chief Steward – vacant
    Terry O’Leary, Alternate Steward
    South Campus   Denise Cylenica, Chief Steward
    Ellen Hayes, Alternate Steward