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    About the Perkins Grant

    What is Career and Technical Education?

    The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (commonly referred to as Perkins IV) is a federal grant program administered through the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Bureau of Career and Technical Education. The Perkins Grant provides funding to the college to help students succeed in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  CTE programs offer a sequence of courses that have challenging academic standards, provide relevant technical knowledge, lead to a certificate or an associate's degree, and provide students with the skills necessary for a career in current or emerging technical professions.  CCAC's CTE programs offerings include programs as diverse as Nursing, Welding, Business, and the Administration of Criminal Justice. The complete list of CCAC's Career and Technical Education Programs (last updated Fall 2016) can be downloaded here: CCAC'sCareer and Technical Education Programs


    The Perkins Grant mission is to Career & Technical Education students get good grades, stay in school, graduate and get a good paying job by funding academic support staff, instructional equipment and professional development.   The Grant's staff provide services designed to:

    • Improve CTE student grade point averages;
    • Improve CTE student retention and completion rates;
    • Increase CTE student job placement rates; and
    • Increase student interest and participation in CTE programs among populations that have traditionally been underrepresented, including women and racial minorities.
    • Encourage exploration of High Growth Career Pathways

    SOAR Articulations

    SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready) is a Perkins initiative designed to promote the seamless integration of secondary and postsecondary education.   These agreements allow qualified high school graduates to earn college credit for their technical high school coursework so that they can graduate sooner with an associate's degree and with the technical skills necessary to join the workforce in a High Priority Occupation.  To be eligible, students must successfully complete their high school technical program with a 2.5 GPA or better, achieve proficiency on the program's competency task list; and attain competent or advanced status on the end-of program assessment test.  

    Instructional Supplies and Equipment

    The Perkins Grant at CCAC purchases educational supplies and equipment to support CCAC's CTE programs.  Over the past two years, the Grant has spent over $630K on items for Nursing and other Allied Health programs, Court Reporting, Electrical Engineering Technology, Automotive, Criminal Justice, Welding, Computer Information Technology, HVAC, and others.  Each year, if funding permits, roughly 20% of the budget is devoted to purchasing instructional supplies and equipment.  Faculty can make requests in the late spring and early winter.  Announcements regarding the timing of these request periods are communicated to faculty through the Associate Deans of Academic Affairs.

    CCAC's Perkins Staff

    The grant currently employs roughly twenty staff members across CCAC's four campuses and several of the college's centers. The staff provide CTE students with academic assistance, career and job search assistance, and supportive services. To qualify for services, students must be enrolled in a Career & Technical Education program.

    Allegheny Campus
    513 Milton Hall

    Boyce Campus
    Room N509

    South Campus
    Room B458

    West Hills Center
    Room 1704

    Jennifer Amrhein 

    Darlene Billeck

    Steven Shaulis

    Laurel Westrom

    Nancy Wareham





  • Norm Downey
    Perkins Grant

    Phone: 412.237.4670
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