• The East/West Project

    CCAC’s East/West Project is designed to help students prepare for high-demand jobs in Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Welding Technology

    The East/West Project serves students who live in the Hill District, Uptown and West Oakland neighborhoods. The project provides:

    • free transportation from the Hill House to CCAC's West Hills Center for lab courses
    • local classes for courses that do not require specific labs or equipment
    • preparation courses for union exams
    • individual tutoring
    • a student success coach
    • job search/internship assistance  

    The East/West Project provides training in three areas:

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    This certificate program is intended for students to study, in a hands-on environment, the installation, service and maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of electricity, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, plus installation and preventive maintenance and EPA certification preparation.

    Students will be eligible to take the EPA Refrigerant Usage certification exam upon successful completion of the HAC certificate.

    This short-term training program is designed to offer students an opportunity to acquire the basic skills required to assist with the installation and repair of plumbing systems in residences and small buildings.

    Students will be eligible to take the American Society of Sanitary Engineering certification exam upon successful completion of the Plumbing certificate program.

    Welding Technology
    This certificate program provides students with the entry-level skills to work as a welder in small and large companies.

    Students will be eligible to take the American Welding Society Shielded Metal Arc Welding Code Certification exam upon successful completion of the Welding certificate. Full-time students in this certificate program are prepared for the American Welding Society certification in four months.

    For more information about the East/West Project or to register, please contact Roslynne Wilson (412.237.2511).