• Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities

    At the Community College of Allegheny County, we strive to provide a student-centered learning environment. Our goal is assisting students to develop to their fullest potential and achieve personal success. Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. If you are facing the challenge of a physical or cognitive disability - along with the pressures of academic life - you may need some assistance.

    Each year, CCAC's Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities offices which are located at our four campuses, help more than 2,000 students with disabilities meet their educational goals.

    Educational Opportunity Awaits You

    CCAC is committed to providing accessible facilities, appropriate accommodations, and assistive technology to students with documented disabilities. The Supportive Services for students with Disabilities office provides reasonable accommodations as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

    • The Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities office evaluates the documentation and assesses the needs of each student.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Supportive Services staff to initiate accommodations.
    • Staff members evaluate students' documentation and interview students to find the appropriate academic, classroom, and technical support that will assist them in their education endeavors.
    • Services are free, and all information shared with the Supportive Services staff remains confidential.

    Eligibility for Services

    To be eligible for accommodations, you must register with the Supportive Services office and provide documentation of your disability. the documentation must have been obtained within the past three years. 

    Documentation may include a neuropsychological educational evaluation, a Comprehensive Evaluation Report (CER), or other diagnostic information about the disability. You should also provide information about any strategies that have been helpful in the past. 

    Some of the funding for CCAC Disability Services for equipment and staffing are generously provided by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant.

  • Appointment Central

    Appointment Central is the college's online portal allowing CCAC students to sign up for a variety of services such as academic advising appointments and more. No matter what campus or center you will visit, you can book your registration online. Benefits include reduced time waiting in line, 24/7 access and increased ease of use.
  • Contact Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities

    Sumana Misra-Zets
    Civil Rights Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator
    CCAC-Allegheny Campus 
    Byers Hall, Room 316 

    Allegheny Campus
    Lori Hamblin
    Director, Disability Services 
    Library Building-Room 114
    412.237.4612 Voice
    412.237.4552 (TTY)

    Boyce Campus
    Megan McCormick
    Director, Disability Services
    North Wing-Room N560
    724.325.6604 Voice
    724.325.6733 (TTY)

    North Campus
    Christopher Richardson
    Director, Disability Services
    Room 1008
    412.369.3649 Voice
    412.369.4110 (TTY)

    South Campus
    Carissa Monaco 
    Director, Disability Services
    Building B-Room 311
    412.469.6207 Voice
    412.469.6005 (TTY)