• Curriculum Subcommittee


    • course and program adoption, curriculum development and change, instructional technology, and supportive educational resources as they relate to curriculum.
    • the examination of the relevance of the College's academic programs to community needs and trends and the transferability of college credit.

    Meeting Minutes

    Membership 2018–2019 Academic Year

    Chairperson: Kevin M. Anderson - Boyce Campus Faculty
    Secretary: Debbie Misencik - South Campus Faculty

    Faculty Members
    Corinne Bauman - Allegheny Campus Faculty
    Bozena Bednarz - Allegheny Campus Faculty
    Deborah Gabor - Allegheny Campus Academic Advisor 
    Jessica Hethcote - North Campus Faculty 
    Inna Karelefsky - Allegheny Campus Adjunct Faculty
    George Kerlin - West Hills Center Faculty

    Diane Jacobs, Registrar
    Mary Jo Guercio, Director of Grants & Community Training, Workforce Development
    Jeffery Thomas, Dean of Academic Affairs, North
    Tomi Waters, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Boyce