• College Council Protocol

    Council and its Subcommittees

    All are expected to reflect the College's values and ethics; in particular, all are expected to:

    • Respect the rights and dignity of others
    • Be civil and respectful

    Guidelines for Members

    Council members are asked to follow the following rules of etiquette:

    • Arrive to meetings on time.

    • Members unable to attend a meeting, or who will be late, should notify the Chair of College Council.

    • Members are not permitted to send a voting substitute. Only elected faculty and Presidential administrative appointees have voting privileges.

    • Please raise your hand to be acknowledged by the Chair for comments, discussion, and questions at the table.

    • After 2 consecutive unexcused absences, members may be asked to discontinue as a member of College Council so that a replacement can be found.

    • Agenda items should be submitted to the Chair the Friday prior to the Council meeting for distribution.

       Guidelines for Guests

    Guests are asked to abide by the following guidelines when interacting with Council:

    • Guests are welcome at all meeting of College Council.

    • Guests are asked to set their phones on vibrate.

    • Council will discuss only agenda items for that meeting. Members of the College Community with proposals or issues for Council should contact the Chair of Council no later than the Friday prior to the meeting in order to place items on the agenda for the next meeting. Any adjustments to the agenda are at the discretion of the chair.

    • The Initiator of a proposal must be in attendance to present the proposal and answer questions. In the absence of the Initiator, an appropriate designee can present the proposal.

    • Guests are welcome to take a seat along the sides of the room. Those with proposals will be asked to join Council at the table when their proposal is being discussed.

    • Guests are asked to wait for acknowledgement by the Chair before presenting, making comments, or asking questions.

    • Guests are asked to limit the overview of their proposal to approximately 5 minutes.

    • Guests will be asked to "sign in" in order to be included in the minutes and their names properly spelled.