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    Name: Patricia (Trish) Thompson

    Title: Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator, Mechatronics Technology

    Year joined CCAC: 2014

    Courses currently taught:
    • MEC-100 Mechatronics Safety and Quality
    • MEC-102 Mechatronics Industrial Processes
    • MEC-106 Industrial Power Systems
    • MEC-108 Programmable Logic Controllers 1
    • MEC-110 Digital Electronics
    • MEC-112 Introduction to Robotics
    • MEC-150 Fluid Power
    • MEC-221 Robotics and Controls

    Most memorable CCAC experience: 
    My most memorable CCAC experience was attending my first graduation ceremony in May 2016. The Mechatronics program had its first graduates, and they all attended. It was a proud occasion not only for the Mechatronics graduates but for all the individuals who were able to achieve their goals.

    Why I teach what I teach:
    After having worked as an engineer in a manufacturing facility, I witnessed the prevalence of jobs that provide family-sustaining incomes available to individuals with technical skills. These skills can be attained without burdening individuals with four years of schooling and large debt. I want to help individuals, regardless of gender identity, learn the necessary skills so that they can be successful and enjoy their lives.

    Something people might not know about me:
    I am an amateur genealogist, trying to prove my family legends of being royal. Nothing so far, though.

    Favorite quote: 
    “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama