• Academic Planning Subcommittee

    Program Review Process Document
    Program Review Schedule (Appendix A) 

    Academic Planning Subcommittee Meeting Minutes


    • review current bargaining unit positions, analysis of staffing needs (full time regular faculty, new faculty hires and replacement faculty) and to provide recommendations to College Council and President's Council.
    • facilitate the Program Discipline Review Process.
    • develop the Academic Calendar.

    2017–2018 Academic Year

    Chairperson       Stephen Wells - South Faculty

    Secretary            RJ Mycka - Boyce Faculty            

    Faculty Members

    Mark Domencic - Allegheny Faculty

    Sean Evans - Allegheny Faculty

    Jeff Langstraat - Allegheny Faculty

    David Misra - South Adjunct Faculty      


    Rick Allison - Dean of Academic Affairs, Boyce Campus

    Carol Yoannone - Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Allegheny Campus

    Ron Logreco - Assistant Dean, West Hills Center

    Brenda Trettel - Dean of Academic Affairs, South Campus